Episode 39 10 ways to increase student voice and choice in your classroom

In this episode, Dan highlights the importance of student voice and choice to enhance student engagement and provides 10 strategies you can use to increase student voice and choice in your classroom.

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Show notes

Why promote student choice and voice

  1. Increases engagement
  2. Provides more meaning
  3. Makes the learning more relevant

Why NOT?

  1. We have to teach the outcomes or Standards
  2. We don’t have time
  3. Students will choose things I don’t know about
  4. It’s more work

Student Voice

Is them actively participating in the decision making

  1. Co-design a small unit with them that targets a specific outcome or even the criteria to be used for assessment
  2. Get them to provide you with a series of questions on a topic that they want you to cover – eg) sex ed
  3. Let them come up with ways to present their understanding that meets the outcomes 
  4. Let them give you the topic they will examine in meeting the outcomes.
  5. Let them give you the due date within your restrictions
  6. Get student feedback:
    • On student work
    • on lessons and units to help guide their revision (preferably build in a pivot)

Student Choice

Is them selecting between various options provided

  1. Give students a choice in the content or topic they cover. This can be done through selecting a text of the list or chosing which option to study
  2. Provide students with a various ways they can present their understanding and let them select the one they want
  3. Let students choose who they will work with
  4. Where they will apply their learning. (often found in PBL)

This Week

  • Try one thing each lesson and reflect on how it goes
  • Leave me a comment

10 Ways to Include Student Voice and Choice


  1. esther

    I really value this podcast. I don’t put it on the ‘to-do’ list for too long because it is a good length and very do-able. i love that you dont waste time with a 10 minute podcast intro but you go straight to the point and exemplify what you mean really well.
    In relation to this episode, i also appreciate the written summary to go with it. I am going to apply almost all of this with my year 8 extension class in term 3, but get started at the end of term 2.

    1. Daniel Jackson Post author

      Wow, Esther. Thanks so much for your feedback. I have been purposefully trying to make sure that I do not waste time. I began with a short intro that was made by someone else with a voice-over, but decided it wasn’t really needed. As a podcast listener myself, I hate the wasted time and advertising that goes into podcasts. it can be very frustrating.
      I hope your year 8 extension class enjoy their autonomy over their learning 🙂

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