About TeachersPD

TeachersPD.net was founded in 2018 with its first online professional development courses available in 2019. The site was founded by me, Daniel Jackson, I am an Experienced Teacher having worked across various schools. My most recent role was Deputy Principal at SEDA College NSW, Australia.

TeachersPD.net is a professional development provider. All our professional learning courses are linked with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and designed to help teachers have engaged classrooms where students love learning and develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

Here you are valued!

Teachers are the most important people for shaping the future. What we do, whether that be in our classrooms, in the playground, during assemblies or in a parent, student, teacher interview, changes people who then change the world.

You often read about how undervalued we are, and how our society needs to change and see us for the change agents we are. Well, here you are valued! I, Dan, am sick of attending PD where the venue has little light, the food is cheap and the learning is mediocre.

Professional development should develop you further. It should foster community and grow your PLN. PD should inspire you to become a better teacher. It should help to equip you to best support your students in preparing them for their future. Not only this, professional learning should be something that we enjoy! Something that we want to do because we know it will improve the lives of our students and help us impact them in a positive way.

Don't settle for boring or mediocre

Don’t settle for a boring mediocre workshop or online course full of m/c quizzes! Come and enjoy professional learning for teachers the way it is supposed to be.

Our workshops are run in beautiful venues with excellent food (ie, not just sandwiches or wraps). We value teachers and believe you should be treated like VIPs. All our workshops:

  • are run by highly qualified presenters with many years experience in the classroom
  • provide quality resources to help you apply what you learn
  • include activities you can apply or easily adapt for your classroom
  • have continued support and networking through online forums
  • provide you with access to a shared Google drive for sharing resources and collaboration
  • focus on the head, heart and hands of education with a focus on lifelong learning
  • serve beautiful hot food that you dine on, and
  • are run in quality venues…
  • you may even receive a gift or prize during the workshop

Our goal is to help you create a classroom where learning is enjoyable, where relationships are built, where collaboration is normal and everyone is moving forward towards their goals… and that includes you. We want to support you to ensure that every student enjoys authentic, rich, engaging and meaningful learning experiences. We want you to feel a sense of pride in your students’ achievements, their learning progress and their character development.

It's NOT just about the Training

Teaching is hard work, but it is not something you have to do alone. Across the country and around the world there are so many great educators, just like you, who put in the effort for their students. Yes, teaching is exhausting, it can be debilitating at times, but it is also the most important and rewarding profession in the world. You are creating the next generation and you stand on the shoulders of other educators who have come before you.

Teaching is about our Students

We want you to have more of those moments where you are inspired by your students, where you run into past students who come over and say hello, who want to catch up with you. We want you to receive more of those cards that tell you how much you have impacted your students both as a person and as a learner.

This is only possible when teachers work together and support one another. It is only possible when teachers have autonomy and are empowered to try new things, make mistakes and learning along the way. This is why we sell memberships and not just workshops or courses. Being an expert teacher is not easy, it is hard work. It stretches your mind, challenges your heart and requires your hands. It is much easier when done together and more possible when we collaborate with a similar purpose.

We invite you to join us. Come to a workshop if you want to test us out or, if this sounds like something you want to be a part of join one of our memberships. Get access to online courses, forums, workshops and even coaching. This is about improving education. This is about helping our students. It is about impacting the world.

Daniel Jackson (Me)

I have been teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) since 2006 and have been involved with two professional bodies for my subject area. I was a regional representative for the PDHPE Teacher’s Association as well as a Board Member for the Australian Council of Health and Physical Education and Recreation NSW Branch. 

I am currently a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator as well as a  Flipped Learning Certified Trainer. I am also the host of the Effective Teaching podcast and I love learning about education in order to help other teachers.

I currently work for myself with the goal to help teachers as much as I can in order to create authentic, rich and engaging learning in their classrooms which foster students who are self-sufficient, lifelong learners.

“Dan was able to create a tailored workshop based on the needs of our staff, faculty and school context. The workshop was specific, engaging, relevant and motivating. It was a fantastic way for our faculty to undertake professional learning and his professionalism, coupled with friendly and approachable nature created a productive session for all. I would highly recommend Dan for your professional learning needs”.
– Danielle Davis Head Teacher PDHPE Department
Chifley College Senior Campus

Daniel is also the founder of pdhpe.net, a website he wrote for Year 11 and 12 students and teachers of PDHPE. The website is essentially an online textbook available free of charge with videos created to teach the students the content of the course.