The Inaugural Online Effective Teaching Conference

Make 2023 your best year yet!

16th-20th January 2023

8am-1pm (Sydney); 4pm-9pm (NYC); 1-6 pm (LA); 9pm-2am (London)

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What can I expect to learn?

This conference isn't called the "Effective Teaching Conference" for nothing. The whole point of the conference is to help you increase your effectiveness, which is defined as doing more of the right things and less of the activities or tasks that have minimal to no impact .

Some of the topics that are going to be covered during this conference include:

  • How to work less and increase your impact.
  • How to transform your learning experiences to engage and empower your students to take control of their own learning.
  • How to frame the curriculum for deeper learning.
  • How to make your classroom run effectively and develop student executive functioning skills.
  • How to deliver the perfect "blended" lesson (note to Aussies - blended means a lesson using ICT).
  • How to empower and engage students through interactive choice boards.
  • How a mastery approach to learning can help us recover from from the pandemic.
  • How to improve student memory and focus with sketchnoting
  • 3 EduProductivity systems to save you time
  • The super powers of feedback
  • Why you need to use explicit instruction
  • How to develop a career pathway as an excellent teacher
  • How to develop students entrepreneurial skills
  • How to integrate critical thinking
  • How to apply cognitive learning principles
  • How to design and implement PBL

Further details for each session can be found below.

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Why attend another online conference?

Improve your teaching

Professional development is one of the best ways to grow and develop as a teacher. 

Increase your impact

The most fulfilling aspect of teaching is watching as you change student lives for the better.

Get evidence based practices

Learn strategies based on research from teachers and academics at the top of their fields.

Build your PLN

Professional Learning Networks are so important for us to grow and improve.

Continue to learn

We can forget how hard it is to learn if we stop learning.

Learn from home

You can literally attend the conference in your PJs.

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Meet the Presenters

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Session Details

Please note, each session is recorded and your $2 gives you access to the recordings until 11:59 pm on the 27th Jan 2023 Sydney Time (7 days after the conference). 

Day 1

Monday 16 in Australia and Sunday 15 in USA

8am SYD 4pm NYC

Creative curriculum design

Eleni will showcase how to transform the learning experiences in your classroom to engage and empower students to take action and engage with their learning. She will share the pedagogy, tools, and resources her school implements that have helped transform the teaching and learning and be recognised with multiple national and international awards.

10am SYD 6pm NYC

The Perfect Blended Lesson

Unpack the structure and design of a perfect blended lesson (ICT in the classroom). Together we will unpack the building blocks of blended learning to determine how they can be supported first with a strong pedagogical approach - and then blended by tools that will empower that outcome . Student examples will highlight exactly how powerful these perfect blended lessons can be for our digital learners.

12pm SYD 8pm NYC

Sketchnoting 101

Sketchnoting is a great way to increase retention, improve memory, synthesize information and focus on big ideas. Students often find it a helpful way to capture ideas and make learning visible. This session will outline how you might introduce students to visual note taking in a scaffolded way.

Day 2

Tuesday 17 in Australia and Monday 16 in USA

8am SYD 4pm NYC

Controlling the Chaos

Are you ready to learn how to learn quick hacks that you can use to help control the chaos in your classroom? During this session, you will learn and take away resources. Some of the topics we will cover are ways to help your students with executive functioning skills, classroom management skills, and making your classroom run effectively.

10am SYD 6pm NYC

3 EduProductivy Systems for the WAY-To-Busy Instructional Coach

Do you find yourself constantly searching for an extra 5-10 minutes each day? Let’s face it, the struggle to stay on top of your coaching responsibilities is real. In this session, we are going to examine the three major EDUProductivity systems that every Instructional Coach needs so that they can be the most effective working with both teachers and students.

12pm SYD 8pm NYC

Super Powers of Feedback

Looking to give effective feedback to your students without spending hours and hours? Wanting to put more ownership back onto your students so they are more accountable? Super Powers of Feedback enables teachers to provide effective and timely feedback to their students without spending hours and hours. This session will provide you with practical feedback strategies to implement into your classroom right away without sacrificing time, energy and wellbeing in the process.

Day 3

Wednesday 18 in Australia and Tuesday 17 in USA

8am SYD 4pm NYC

The Teacher’s Guide to Digital Choice Boards: Empower and Engage Students!

Empower and engage your students with student choice and interactive choice boards. Choice boards can help teachers put students at the center of learning, differentiate, and teach valuable skills. In this updated session, Kasey shares new ideas, new tools, and new ways to use digital choice boards at all grade levels. Learn how to create, balance time and rigor, and tips, tricks, and tools to help you implement in your classroom. Walk away with tons of resources and free templates.

10am SYD 6pm NYC

Why you need to use explicit instruction to be an effective teacher.

Teaching is highly complex. However, cognitive science tells us that there are many similarities in how we learn and that explicit instruction is the most effective and efficient way of doing it. In this presentation, Brendan Lee will address some of the misconceptions about explicit instruction, what it actually is and how the evidence supports it.

12pm SYD 8pm NYC

Teaching for Deeper Learning

In this interactive webinar, renowned educator author, Jay McTighe, will address important questions as they explore ideas from the award-winning book, Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making (ASCD, 2020). What is deeper learning? How should curriculum be framed to promote deeper learning? What kind of instruction will help students learn deeply? Jay will present a set of practical and proven strategies and associate tools to help educators actively engage students in making meaning.

Day 4

Thursday 19 in Australia and Wednesday 18 in USA

8am SYD 4pm NYC

How Can Flipped & Mastery Learning Close Educational Gaps Caused by the Pandemic?

Schools closed. Remote learning. Exhausted teachers. The pandemic has had a huge impact on schools around the world. Perhaps the biggest issue we face now and going forward is the impact of learning loss and learning gaps caused by the pandemic. In this session you will learn how Flipped and Mastery Learning can help all students succeed during and after the pandemic.

10am SYD 6pm NYC

Developing career pathways for excellent teachers

Do we have a supply and demand problem, or an Attraction and Retention policy? This session will argue that we have perfect timing to ask whether the current model of teaching is working, and whether a more attraction model to encourage coming in, staying, and esteeming expertise could be advanced. The session will be based on evidence from other countries, previous attempts to solve this dilemma, and from many meta-analyses.

12pm SYD 8pm NYC

Empower Every Student to Improve Writing and Become a Published Author

Give your students the motivation that they need to improve writing by helping them to become published authors by the end of the school year! Using research based on the science of writing, Erica will walk you through strategies to engage students and transform their writing. She will also share the exact tools and resources that she uses when co-authoring and self-publishing picture books with her seven-year-old daughter so that you can support your students in becoming young entrepreneurs too!

2pm SYD 10pm NYC

Integrating critical thinking across the curriculum

Critical thinking is an essential 21st century skill, highly regarded by the workplace and important for creative thinking, problem solving, and informed decision making. It is even more essential in navigating the online world. This presentation will provide a range of practical strategies that teachers of all ages and subjects can use to integrate critical thinking into their classrooms. If you want to future-proof your teaching, and prepare your students for a successful future, this session is for you.

Day 5

Friday 20 in Australia and Thursday 19 in USA

8am SYD 4pm NYC

Applying cognitive learning principles in the classroom

Cognitive psychologists have been studying how we learn and how our memory works for over 100 years. As learners and educators, we can all benefit by applying cognitive learning principles to our learning and teaching practices. In this session, we will review robust and reliable cognitive learning principles and discuss how they can be applied to teaching and learning.

10am SYD 6pm NYC

The Design and Implementation of Project-Based Learning: Making It Work for All of Today's Students

In this interactive session, we will explore what 21st century project-based learning is and is not, learn how to design an effective project, and discuss how to successfully implement projects for all students. Examples of K-12 projects in various subject areas will be shared.

12pm SYD 8pm NYC

Reducing Teacher Workload

In this session, Dan will walk you through a simple system to help you reduce your workload by becoming more effective and increase your impact by allowing you to focus more on your teaching. He will share tried and tested strategies to help you identify what really matters in teaching and how to focus on these in the day-to-day busyness of teaching. If you are working too hard and missing out on life outside of school, this session will enable to you take control of your time and enjoy being with your family and friends. You might even have time for a hobby again.

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Why is it so cheap?

This conference is available for the very low cost of $2. This is not because it is a poor quality conference. On the contrary, I believe it will be one of the best conferences ever for teachers internationally. We have some of the best presenters, both academics and classroom practitioners n order to provide you with the best balance possible and to ensure you can leave the conference a better teacher than when you registered (please note, I'm not saying you are a bad teacher, only that the goal of this conference is to help all teacher who come improve what they are doing).

I have made the conference this cheap... well, because I can. Each of the presenters is giving up their time free of charge and I wanted to pass on the benefit of that to you. The only reason it's not free is to cover the technical costs for the platform we use to run this online conference.

You see, I know educators around the world are generally underpaid and often buying resources out of their own pocket to provide some pretty amazing lessons. So, why should I charge $200 or even $1000 when I can charge just $2.

My wife thinks I'm crazy doing this conference for just $2, but I think the impact of the conference is more important than my wallet. Teaching has never been harder, and we have never been so time poor.

Register before my wife changes my mind 😀 AUD
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Money back Guarantee

If you register and decide you did't like this conference for nay reason and think you didn't get your money's worth I'll be happy to refund your purchase. Personally, I think any of these presenters for 1 hour is worth 100x this price at minimum. So I'm happy to take the risk of having to refund your $2 if you feel like you need it back.

But... Let's face it. This conference could be sold for $500-$5000 or even more and I teachers would still see it as worth it. I know, because some of these presenters normally charge $3k to run a session like this for a school, let alone for the whole conference with these fantastic people.

Each session comes with a certificate of completion for those who attend live or watch the recording.


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