Episode 1 – Learning Goals

In the first episode, I introduce myself and explore the importance of setting learning goals as an effective teaching strategy to enhance student learning and help to create life-long learners. I also provide simple methods to make the learning goals explicitly known by your students. Listen to the audio above or read through the summary below

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Intro to Dan

  • Teaching since 2006
  • Currently the Deputy Principal at my school
  • I’m a Google Trainer and Innovator
  • Passionate about quality teaching and producing life-long learners like me

Why the Effective Teaching Podcast

  • Our systems are so focused on testing that we have changed education to test preparation
  • This produces teaching that is habitual and often not engaging for our students
  • Effective teaching is not about increasing test scores it is about producing life long learners so students are life ready


  • I intend to provide a single effective teaching strategy with examples of how you can implement it
  • I hope to interview teachers who are in the classroom and have effective strategies they are using. If that is you, please contact me through TeachersPD.net

Learning Goals

  • We should have learning goals for:
    • Units
    • Wellbeing
    • Lessons and
    • Assessments
  • Large goals should have subgoals, eg) units should have lesson goals etc that can be used to track progress and know the next steps in the learning process.
  • These need to be clear and understood by the students. I
    • Put goals on the board
    • On slides I use
    • On resources, I hand out
    • And talk through them at the beginning AND as we achieve them
  • Celebrate the achievements B/C setting and achieving the goals is fun, but learning is hard.

Set learning goals with your students

Have a go. Start your lesson today by going through the learning goals that the students will achieve today. Put them on the board and tick them off, or in your slides at multiple points so check them off

AND see if it improves their engagement and your knowledge of how they are progressing in their learning.

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