Episode 10 – Project Based Learning with Kelly Pfeiffer

In this episode, Dan interviews Kelly Pfeiffer, looking at Project Based Learning. They discuss some of the key aspects needed to create a good PBL unit, how it helps create lifelong learners and how you can begin to use aspects of PBL in your classroom this week.

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Kelly Pfeiffer is the head-teacher for futures learning at Dubbo School of Distance Education. She won the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools award for teaching excellence this year.  Her team also won the Technology 4 Learning Award this year. AND The Dark Sky education package that she developed with her colleague has been nominated for the international Dark Sky Defender Award

What are the key aspects of PBL to make it effective?

  • Driving Question
  • Authentic Audience
  • Feedback

What makes PBL an effective teaching strategy for creating lifelong learners?

  • Helping our students develop problem-solving skills
  • Teaching them to collaborate, be resourceful and resilient
  • The transfer of learning
  • The authentic learning process has a huge impact on the students and their future life

How can teachers begin to use PBL?

Begin to use the key elements of project-based learning:

  • Authentic audiences
  • Reflective processes
  • Inquiry-based learning and driving questions

Further resources

Attend our upcoming Project-Based Learning workshop with Thom Markham Founder of PBLglobal

You can find lots of resources including online courses that are NESA accredited at the Project-Based Learning Global website.

If you would like a closer look at the Dark Sky Education package that Kelly and Melissa developed you can find more information here

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