Episode 16 Celebrating Learning Success

In this episode, Dan discusses the importance of celebrating student learning success. He describes how to do this well and connects the celebrations with learning goals and sub-goals. Dan also explains how celebrating student learning success helps to create lifelong learners.

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  • Celebrating success in learning links back to goal setting, creating criteria and exemplars.
  • Celebrate the subgoals and the big wins


  • Because learning is hard work
  • Setting goals and achieving them is fun
  • But, students need to know when they have achieved the goals and subgoals
  • Celebrating the success, not only shows students that they were successful but helps them to identify as a successful learner
  • It provides further motivation for future learning and a reference point to refer back to when things get hard once again.


  • This does not have to be anything big
  • Simply point out where they have been successful
  • Give a high-five, a sticker or just congratulate them (publically or not)
  • Refer back to times of success to help motivate them when they are doing it hard it helps to motivate students
  • Of course, you can also go bigger:
    • Email or call home to let parents know and let them celebrate with their child
    • Report comments, and grades
    • Certificates at assemblies
    • Gamify your classroom etc
  • Just make sure it is repeatable and fair for everyone who succeeds

Lifelong Learning

  • As the students experience success they begin to identify themselves as successful learners
  • This provides them with plenty to look back on to help motivate them when they are doing the learning on their own
  • It also helps them to identify their own progress in the future which will help them set goals and achieve them in future learning
  • Finally, more success will also increase their confidence and their willingness to try hard things. This in return will help them to develop the skills for learning that they need to become lifelong learners

Give it a go!

  • This week Identify any chance you can to celebrate your student’s learning success.
    • Send an email home to celebrate, 
    • Give high fives
    • Gamify your classroom
    • Give out a certificate
    • Or simply get alongside a student and tell them you are proud of the hard work they put in and the achievements they have made
  • Another great thing to do is to identify past successes and remind them of those times. The hard work they put in and the learning they achieved. Especially if they need some motivation. 

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