Episode 17 The importance of knowing why with Nat Littler

In this episode, Dan talks with Nat Littler about how she helps encourage lifelong learning in her classroom. In this interview, Nat explains the importance of providing a why for learning given topics and how providing content real-world applications helps motivate and engage her students. Nat also explains the importance of teachers being lifelong learners themselves.

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What do you do to promote lifelong learning in your classroom?

  • Be a lifelong learner yourself
  • Share your learning experiences and failures with your students.
  • Try new things in your classroom and be fine with them not working

How does the provision of meaning and connection promote lifelong learning?

  • It allows you to focus on the why? Why are you teaching this topic etc?
  • Provides real meaning for the students and motivation to learn
  • Students who are motivated to learn develop better learning skills to transfer beyond the classroom
  • Using project-based learning, critical inquiry and flipped learning help to increase student active contributions to learning and reflect the real world.

Give it a go!

  • Make sure you can answer “why?”
  • Provide this information up-front with your students.
  • Tell your students about a time that you failed at learning something, share with them something you are currently learning
  • If you are not currently learning something, then find a book and begin to read. Share what you learn with your students.

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