Episode 18 Part 1 of the Dynamic Learning Series with Kasey Bell

In this episode, Dan talks with Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning about her Dynamic Learning framework that is the foundation of her book “Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic”. This is Part 1 – Beyond the Bell of a 5 part series digesting this framework.

Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach at Shake Up Learning. She is also an international speaker, author of Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic, blogger at ShakeUpLearning.com, host of The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast, and co-host of The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast.

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The Dynamic Learning Framework

The Dynamic Learning Framework was designed by Kasey Bell to bring together many of the various aspects of 21st century learning. based on the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. This framework aims to help teachers look beyond the technology. To stop seeing technology as just as a tool, but to see it as an opportunity to stretch what we do in our classrooms. To move away from the static old school approach to education as a system for conformity, to see education as a dynamic entity that can be used to go above and beyond what used to be possible. To make learning more engaging, meaningful, connected, collaborative and targeted at developing the skills required for lifelong learning.

Beyond the Bell

Learning doe not stop when the bell rings. Digital tools and devices enable students to continue to learn, collaborate, go deeper into their learning and grow their learning skills to move towards lifelong learners. Learning is accessible 24/7 with technology and we need to shift both ours and our student’s mindsets to ones that look for learning to happen anytime, anywhere, and students can OWN IT!

Going beyond the bell is all about a shift in mindset. This is not about setting more homework for the students, but about changing their attitude towards learning. It is about encouraging students to take ownership of learning, making learning engaging and meaningful, as well as inspiring students to see learning as something they do for them not for the school. 

A vital aspect of beyond the bell is to set goals for learning with your students, where they know what the target is and how to get there. To help keep students motivated celebrate their success and track their progress through the use of smaller sub-goals.

12 ways to Shake Up Learning with Kasey

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