Episode 24 STEM with Eleni Kyritsis

In this episode of the Effective Teaching podcast, Dan interviews Eleni Kyritsis from Teach Tech Play to discuss how STEM can be used in your classroom to create lifelong learners.

What is STEM?

STEM is often thought about as robotics and engineering, but is can be very simple, like designing , creating and growing a veggie patch. It doesn’t have to be heavy with technology, it can even be older technology like those often used in craft activities.

Collaboration is very important in STEM where they’re always working collaborating thinking critically and communicating their ideas together.

Where can you get ideas and help?

There is heaps of ideas on Eleni Kyritsis’ blog (click the image below) that could be a great catalyst to get you started.

You can also find ideas on Instagram, follow hashtags such as *TeachersofInstagram, or on Twitter. Please contact Eleni she would love to help you. If you are based in NSW Eleni will also be coming up to Sydney to run some workshops for us (subscribe on the right to be notified when dates are finalised)

Why is it important?

It will help prepare our students for the rapidly changing future they are going to face. It is the thinking behind STEM that forces students to be able to collaborate, communicate, think critically and develop their creativity.

How does it equip students for future learning?

It helps students connect content across various domains. It helps them develop their ability to problem-solve and think critically which is needed for lifelong learning. They are also hands on lessons which helps students to learn how to apply their learning and further cements their understanding of the various ideas being examined and learnt.

Give it a go!

Connect with others on Twitter and Instagram to see what they are already doing. Using craft materials is an easy way to begin to incorporate STEM into your classroom. Provide creative challenges for your students and give them the craft to create with.

You should also check out Teach Tech Play on YouTube or at the website (click the image to the right)


  1. Gabbi Delamont

    Loved this! Our school is setting up a stand alone STEM class commencing next year, however I believe we should be providing STEM opportunities in every subject area so I particularly enjoyed listening to this. While I did look briefly at Eleni’s blog, it appeared to cater more towards primary classes. I would love some explicit examples of how to teach STEM effectively in both junior PDHPE lessons (with specific links to the new syllabus) and senior PDHPE lessons (particularly YR 11 simply due to having more time with our YR 11 students).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Andres Villalba

    I am using stem in my classes of english as a foreign language. And now I am including the social perspective to the tasks to make the experience more integrative. Love it.

    1. Daniel Jackson Post author

      Thanks Andres. I am so glad that you have benefited from the podcast. I love chatting with Eleni. I might need to have her on again 🙂

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