Episode 34 Remote Learning with Kelly Pfeiffer Part 3 of 3 (Special)

In this episode, Dan interviews Kelly Pfeiffer from Dubbo Distance Education to get advice on remote learning given the current climate around the globe with schools being closed, or needing to close in response to COVID-19.

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Watch the interview below

Show Notes

  • Have high expectations
  • Give a lot of grace
  • Know life may be crazy at home
  • Think about the number of devices at home and how many students are there
  • and so much more.


  1. Harvey Wilson

    Thank you for your informative interview. A great perspective from an experienced practitioner. Parent’s shouldn’t worry too much about ensuring their kids get the full curriculum, they are not experts in this field and have other considerations. Just enough is good enough.

  2. Debbie Filliponi

    A great interview which brings together many of the issues being faced in homes. These are exactly the things schools have been looking at and solving as many as they can. Being a small country town, many of our students are involving themselves online but there are some involved in farming activities, or taking on extra shifts a the local supermarket to earn family money due to parent job loss. The drought has not helped. In certain areas of our district, there is an extremely poor internet connection and in some cases none at all. To decrease families feeling overwhelmed, certain teachers at our school have been assigned the role to monitor students and contact home to discuss how they are going, A wonderful idea to ensure families don’t become frustrated with too many calls.
    Supporting families is the key, being there and giving encouragement is needed to ensure a positive outcome in the end.

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