Episode 40 How you can improve student reflection for learning

In this episode, Dan explains the importance of student reflection as a meta-cognitive strategy that helps developing lifelong learners.

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All about meta-cognition

  • Improves understanding of how we learn
  • Helps identify successful strategies
  • Provides feedback
  • Needs to be taught

Makes them owners of their learning

Meta-cognition means…

  • Knowing what you know
  • Knowing what you can do
  • Knowing what you know about your own abilities….
    • Growth mindset can help with what they think about their abilities… these can grow and change like everything else

Types of reflective questions

  1. Comprehension Qs – what kind of problem is this?
  2. Strategic Qs – How could I solve this?
  3. Connection Qs – how does the current problem relate to previous problems

Helping Student Reflect

  • Give them criteria and benchmarks to compare their work against
  • Self assessment
  • Use learning logs:
    • Today I learnt…
    • I was surprised by…
    • The most helpful thing I will take is…
    • I was interested in…
    • What i liked most about the lesson was…
    • 1 thing I’m not sure about is…
    • The main thing I want to find out more about is…
    • After this session I feel… because…
    • I might have gotten more from this lesson if…
  • This is how I will do this…

Reflection takes time

Build the time into your lessons and programs

They are not an add on, but central to the process of learning

Put it into practice!

  • Choose a lesson
  • Build in time for student reflection
  • Scaffold this reflection
  • Model it in the lesson for them
  • Use it as formative assessment for you and them

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