Episode 45 Why I Keep a Class Profile

In this episode, Dan explains why he uses class profiles along with a few tps to help make sure the profile is useful.

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Show notes

1. To give me specific information on each of my students that I can use to differentiate

  • gather as much information as you can to get insights into your students:
    1. prior knowledge
    2. interest
    3. context
    4. test results
    5. diagnosed learning difficulties

2. To help me remember this for each of my students

  • We often have so many students it can take us ages to get to know them.
  • Having a profile in an easily accessible place helps you know your students, where they are and what they need next to achieve the goal/s

Leave a comment below and tell me how you use your class profile


  1. Tracey Maljevac

    Would love to have a look at your class profiles. Ive been doing it informally for years what does your class profile look like . I cannot find it if you could direct me where to find it I would appreciate it
    Tracey Maljevac

    1. Daniel Jackson Post author

      Hi Tracey
      Thanks for your comment. I totally forgot to put it in. Please find it at the top of the page now. 🙂

  2. Gloria Armstrong

    Is there a template that you use as you get to know them and other info? All I see is the diagnostic template?

    1. Daniel Jackson Post author

      Hi Gloria. The spreadsheet has multiple tabs at the bottom each with specific pieces of information on the students. Are these tabs not there in your version I sent you?

  3. Kelly

    I loved this podcast and will be doing this with my classes and bringing this in as a faculty for next year.

  4. lisa thompson

    Hi Dan
    I am enjoying looking at some of your courses having only recently discovering them. I am really interested in looking at your class profile template but I am unable to find this attachment with the Podcast. Could you please let me know if I have missed something.
    Lisa Thompson

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