Episode 48 Formative Assessment with Emeritus Professor Dylan Wiliam

Episode 48 is all about formative assessment, which Prof Dylan William says is the most important thing teachers need to get right in their classroom. In this episode, Dan asks Dylan why formative assessment is so important? and discovers how it leads to creating lifelong learners. Professor William also provides details as to how to do formative assessment well in the classroom with actions ranging from setting learning intentions to collaborative learning and developing students into lifelong learners. Finally, Dylan provides some practical guidance to help teachers get started with formative assessment that has a positive impact on student learning.

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Why is formative assessment important?

Formative assessment is vital to inform teacher practices and also provides a great tool to help students become lifelong learners.

How do teachers do formative assessment well?

There are 5 aspects to formative assessment that need to be done correctly in order for it to have the best impact on student learning and they are:

  1. Good Success Criteria and Learning Intentions
  2. Collecting evidence of learning
  3. Providing future focused feedback
  4. Collaborative Learning
  5. Focus on Lifelong Learning

What should a teacher do now to begin to implement formative assessment that has a impact?

Plan and use a hinge question that is designed to determine where the lesson will progress to based on the answers the students provide.


Leave a comment below and tell me how you have used formative assessment in your classroom!


  1. Vanessa

    Hi, just wanted to point out that his surname has only one L, not two. Dylan made a point of making sure that everyone took notice during one of his conferences.
    Have a great evening

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