Episode 56 How to Flip your Classroom with Imogen

In this episode, Dan talks with Imogen about how she flips her classroom and the impact this has had on her students.

Video show

Show notes

  • Imogen has been teaching for 3 years, teaching PDHPE to Years 7-12.

  • Things became very theoretical with COVID and she wanted to make her classrooms more active as school returned.

  • After listening to Episode 5 Flipped Learning Imogen was motivated to try this approach that she had learnt previously at uni.

  • It has had a fantastic impact on her classroom. The students are enjoying class and she ha heaps more time to do practical hands on learning with her Year 11 PDHPE class. She has a greater knowledge of her students and gets to use this to differentiate her teaching.

Check out Episode 5 on Flipped Learning

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