Episode 58 How Can Art Help Our Students Become Lifelong Learners? with Cassie Stephens

In this episode, Dan interviews Cassie Stephen to discuss how art can help students become lifelong learners.

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Some people underestimate the power of art in transforming mindset and behaviour. Practising creativity can encourage children to express themselves and build their self-confidence. They can also utilise this creativity at home and in other areas of their life.

In this episode, Cassie Stephens shares her teaching experience and how she overcame the struggles along the way. She also tells us how she practises what she preaches to her students about creativity. As an elementary teacher for 20 years, she continues to inspire young people to showcase their creativity.

Tune in to the episode if you want to learn how art can cultivate love of learning in your students.

Here are the three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:


  1. Discover how you can unleash your students’ creativity.

  2. Find out how you can bring your passion into your classes.

  3. How can you impart the importance of learning over success?

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Episode Highlights

Life Experience in Art Education

  • Cassie didn’t have painting class in elementary. But when she had a couple of painting classes, she fell in love with oil painting.

  • Her parents didn’t support her degree in painting. However, she and her parents made a compromise that allowed her to pursue a painting degree.

  • She graduated with a degree in art education and painting.

  • She started teaching in Nashville and focused on reading books and making visuals.

Releasing Her Creativity

  • She always taught her students to be creative inside and outside school, but she wasn’t doing it herself.

  • But as she became serious about teaching, she forgot to pursue her passion.

  • Cassie started carving out time out to pursue her creative passion and became a happier person and better teacher.

  • She would usually spend her weekend sewing outfits or painting. It doesn’t affect her teaching directly, but it improves her mindset and approach in the classroom.

How Cassie Creates Lifelong Learners

  • Everybody has a different hook for students. But, Cassie uses humour to hook her students into the class.

  • She makes her classes fun and engaging. Silly sticks!

  • Hopefully, the warmth and creativity they experience in the class will resonate in their homes too.

  • Figure out your passion and interests, then bring that to your class.

Embracing Your Passion & Flaws

  • As an educator, you teach by your example. Your students are always watching you.

  • When students see you try something, make a mistake, and then try again, it teaches them to try new things as well. They will see learning is more important than success.

  • Students learn more from teachers who embrace their identity.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

‘I want to do this and age doesn’t matter. You know, Grandma Moses was like, 80, or something when she picked up a paintbrush for the first time, and she just went for it. So why can’t we do that?’

‘Even if I think I don’t have time, I have to remind myself. This is what’s going to make me a better teacher. It doesn’t directly affect my teaching in that, it’s not necessarily something for my room. But, it affects my mindset and my way that I approach teaching’.

‘I brought sewing into my classroom, and because it’s my passion, I teach it with passion, and then they’re excited to learn. So bringing what you absolutely love in even if it feels completely unrelated, you know, like, I don’t know, basket weaving doesn’t really seem like it might correlate with a math lesson. Or does it?’

‘And if you don’t feel comfortable with art, or with creating, I think that’s really even more of the reason to bring that into your lessons, because then the kids can see you quote, “fail”, you know, and you get up and try it again . . . and when they see that we kind of approach education and learning fearlessly, then that kind of opens the door for them to do the same.’

‘I think what’s really important is just figuring out your passions, your interest. And then, bringing that into your classroom’.

About Cassie

Cassie Stephens is an elementary art teacher from Nashville and a TikTok star. She has 20 years of experience in teaching children and has shared various ways to relate creativity inside and outside class. Apart from being an educator, she also has a blog where she shares her DIY projects and outfit photos.

You can connect with Cassie through her blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok.


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