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Book Praise

In Work Less, Teach More, Dan Jackson offers practical advice for all educators, and he is guaranteed to ruffle your feathers! We don’t always want to hear the hard stuff, but Dan will help you stop reacting and start making effective decisions, protect your precious time, be more productive and drop time-wasters, set goals, stay focused on what’s important, create routines, and how to say “no.” Y’all, this is a book every educator must-read! Save your sanity and your time and pick up a copy. (You can thank me later.) - Kasey Bell (Education Consultant)

In the ever changing landscape of the classroom and the myriad of demands teachers face I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. This book is a tremendous help. Full of practical strategies and streamlined tips, Work Less, Teach More is underpinned by a series of values that help me bring my best self forward to my students. Thank you Dan! - Trevor MacKenzie (Classroom teacher and Education Consultant)

Any teacher who is looking to reduce their workload and continue to have a positive impact on their students must read this book! Dan has provided a clear systematic approach, which has helped reduce how busy I am and allowed me to get balance back into my life. - Eleni Kyritsis (Deputy Principal)

Dan’s book Work Less, Teach More is highly practical, relatable and gives us a true picture of what it is like in education and what teachers and leaders can do to get back to their core business- educating and supporting young people. - Kelly Bell (Education Consultant)

Thank you for writing this book! It’s about time that someone wrote a book that takes concepts about effectiveness, productivity, management and leadership from the business world and applies them to education and schools in an accessible and practical way. - Sam Napper (Head Teacher)

This book is a one stop shop for teachers. Dan has done the research and synthesised the practical actionable support to void the excuses around time constraints by advocating working smart, not hard. - Laura Pitt (Classroom Teacher)

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