Google for Education Innovator Sydney 2019

Over the last week I have been privileged enough to attend the Google for Education Innovator Academy in Sydney 2019. These days were fantastic for growing me as both a teacher and an innovator. 

The innovator program begins by you identifying a problem within education as a whole, or locally at your school or some other problem related to teaching and learning. Google then organise a team to walk you through the design process in order to identify a solution and begin to create something to work towards solving your identified problem. 

For me, my problem came up as the following:

How might we help teachers use effective teaching strategies with the goal to create life-long learners.

I then worked through the design process to story board my ideas, how people might interact with them and then select a section to prototype. My ideas basically revolved around creating a podcast, resources, fact-sheets, videos, networking teachers around the world and creating online courses that focus on effecting teaching strategies that help create life-long learners, rather than preparing students for tests.

So, I have creating my first podcast and will aim to further develop this website with a much larger emphasis on strategies that don’t just prepare students for a test, but that are fun, engaging, future focused, and help students to fall in love with learning itself in order to produce life-long learners.

I would love for you to join me on my journey. You can do this in any of the following ways below:

  • subscribe to the podcast (on the right),
  • appear on the podcast and share your effective strategies (please use the contact us form),
  • offer to create a course on something that you specialise in (please use the contact us form),
  • join one of our soon to be created networking groups within our membership area and grow together with other educators.

I believe one of the best ways that we can help our students become life-long learners is to be one ourselves and to be innovative in our approach as well as foster innovation within our students. SO, let’s start a conversation below around how we can be both innovative and foster innovation in our students.

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