This is open to everyone who has enrolled in any TeachersPD course or attended any TeachersPD Workshop.


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    Carla Warby

    I am from Camden, I have been a teacher for 15 years at a school for students with special needs. I am currently teaching a Stage 6 class, full time, Year 11/12. My school caters for students from K-12. I have taught, Infants, Primary and Secondary classes. Look forward to continuing my own learning in all areas by joining this group of online teacher learners. Whilst I am lucky enough to be given time by my school to work at school and from home, due to COVID 19, I thought this online learning would be the perfect way to learn, and get some hours of PD for Teacher Accreditation. I have a daughter in year 4 that is “Remote Leaning”, I am supporting her in her own learning also! Love gardening, reading a good book (when I can) and having a glass or two of good red wine in my spare time at present!

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