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Applying how students learn

Discover how students learn and what you can do to help them

Have you ever wondered how learning occurs and what you can do to help your students become successful learners?

This course covers the science behind how students learn and provides practical applications to enhance your units and classroom teaching. This will help to transform your classroom and enable you to meet your students where they are while improving their engagement with learning.

This course covers:

  • The different types of memory
  • Cognitive Load theory
  • The essential components of a learning sequence 
  • Strategies you can apply to your classroom

and a whole lot more.

Meet Dan

Dan is the founder of TeachersPD, host of the Effective Teaching podcast, and education consultant. He has also fulfilled multiple teaching roles at various schools, his most recent being Deputy Principal (Quality Teaching and Curriculum)



What People Are Saying:

I just did Dan's Working for Learning course and it was fantastic. It was well structured and easy to follow with clear options for ways of implementing it into the classroom. The options for implementation ranged from very small things that would take a few minutes to implement (and make a significant difference) to ways to reshape programmes/ lesson sequences to ensure all students are learning at their pace. The information on how memory works was obviously well researched but also quite easy to follow. The whole course had a great deal of research embedded into it, but was presented in easily digestible bites and conversational language/ tone. The structure allowed me to do the course (6 hours of registered PD) in one sitting if I wanted to or in short bites across a couple of days. I really enjoyed this PD and there are a range of things I'm going to focus on being consistent with in my classroom as we go head into the new year. I'd strongly recommend his courses, I'm looking forward to doing the flipped learning and hyperdocs ones before school goes back 🙂 Thank you Dan 🙂

Beth Fuller