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Episode 125 - 5 fun ways to engage your students at the beginning of your lesson

Season #4

These 5 ideas will help you stand out from other lessons to classes and get your students engaged in learning right from the beginning.


Purple cow classroom.  

Lessons are all the same and can get boring… be the different teacher

  1. Create a new world 
    1. Decorations
    2. Dress up
  2. Start with the problem and don't provide solutions
  3. Use music to set the tone for the lesson (eye of the tiger, Chopin or something) entering, exiting, transitions, 
  4. Start with something fun and exciting eg) make something from balloons, get some craft stuff and set a challenge bonus points if a struggling student will be successful
  5. Give some out-of-this-world rules to change things up… eg) have to put a hand on your nose all lesson, if you have a question you sit down on the ground instead of raising your hand…

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