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Episode 126 - Explicit teaching with Brendan Lee

Season #4

In this interview with Brendan Lee (former Assistant Principal and classroom teacher in both primary school and high school) Dan and Brendan discuss explicit instruction. Brendan explains exactly what explicit instruction is and isn't before we go on to explain when it should be used.


Here are some links Barak Rosenshine’s original Principles of Instruction
Rosenshine's Principles in Action by Tom Sherrington
Blog article from Tom Sherrington Exploring Barak Rosenshine’s seminal Principles of Instruction: Why it is THE must-read for all teachers.   Hollingsworth and Ybarra's Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI): The Power of the Well-Crafted, Well-Taught Lesson   If you want to get into the Science of Learning more, here are some good overviews:
  • Ambition Institute: LEARNING: WHAT IS IT, AND HOW MIGHT WE CATALYSE IT? - provides a coherent, high-level overview of the domain – organised around nine insights, with a taste of what the implications of these insights are for our classrooms.
  • Deans for Impact: The Science of Learning - The purpose of The Science of Learning is to summarize the existing research from cognitive science related to how students learn, and connect this research to its practical implications for teaching and learning
  • Ambition Institute: The Learning Curriculum 3.0 - This handbook is targeted at teacher educators as a guide to help explain the science of learning to teachers.

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