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Episode 128 - Saving time with this simple hack

Season #4

Discover how to save time as you write your reports and mark tasks with this simple hack


  • Parkinson's law - work expands to fulfil the time allowed for its completion.
  • We prioritise and get work done by their due dates eg) report writing or mark submissions
  • We can benefit from this by creating our own deadlines etc to get things complete.
  • Simple as doing the task in a shorter time limit than normal.
  • Eg) mark papers in 2 hrs instead of allowing yourself all night. Set a timer. It helps you focus and do a single task at a time. OR plan your lesson in 40 min instead of an hour. If things don't have deadlines or time limits they expand massively. 
  • You see it in the classroom as well. If you give kids 5 or 10 min to get something done with a visible timer they are better at keeping on task, but if you just ask them to get it done that lesson they get distracted until the end when you might say it has to be done before they can leave…. 
  • Take advantage of this simple hack and set timers for your tasks and then stick to them. It may not always work in terms of being finished, especially when you push yourself, but it will always speed you up.

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