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Episode 136 - The Power of Choice: How to Empower Your Students for Successful Learning

Season #5

Empowering our students to become successful learners is so important. In this episode, I give 3 strategies you can use to enable your students to become successful in your classroom.



  • Empowerment is crucial because it motivates students and engages them in learning
  • Encourage voice and choice (basic, but still good. Provide options, create choice boards, or tic, tac, toe lessons) Let them choose the what or the how or the where etc
  • Provide opportunities for leadership (students teaching others, being the expert, Jigsaw puzzle technique, simple as marking the roll for you)
  • Technology can be a great thing to help with this. Create choose your own adventures, or create back channels in forums during Socratic circles)
  • At the top end do collaborative tasks or PBL. 
  • Challenges: Student resistance - start small and build up. Explain why you are doing it, and work with other teachers as you go. Get feedback and observation
  • Great talk on this during the ET conference - access the recordings at

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