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Episode 148 - 7 Ways To Outsource Teacher's Tasks

Season #6

I discuss the benefits of outsourcing tasks in the classroom and at home. I explore how parent volunteers and student assistants can lighten the teacher's workload and foster collaboration. We also highlight the use of AI technology, tech tools, and shared responsibilities to save time and improve efficiency. Involving students in certain tasks can also promote engagement and ownership. Outsourcing tasks not only saves time but also enhances support and meaningful interactions.


0:00:00 Welcome to the Effective Teaching Podcast!

0:00:19 Using Parent Volunteers for Teacher Tasks

0:02:41 In-Class Marking and Feedback to Reduce Workload

0:05:16 Utilizing AI to Generate Resources and Questions

0:07:12 Using Free AI vs. Spending Money on AI

0:08:00 Using Templates and Reminders to Streamline Email Communication

0:09:06 Saving Time with Timetabling Software

0:09:52 Sharing Responsibility and Collaborating with Colleagues

0:11:38 Letting Students Decorate the Classroom and Outsource Tasks

0:14:28 Outsourcing Lunch Preparation and Delivery

0:15:30 Bonus: Teaching Kids to Outsource Household Tasks

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Long Summary

In this episode, we explore the topic of outsourcing tasks in the classroom and at home. We start by discussing how parent volunteers can be a valuable resource in the classroom, assisting with tasks such as photocopying, laminating, and organizing excursions. They can also help maintain and decorate the classroom, creating a collaborative and supportive environment.

Moving on, we dive into the idea of utilizing students to assist with in-class marking and feedback. By guiding them and teaching them the criteria, they not only help reduce the teacher's workload but also develop their own understanding and ability to provide feedback to their peers. Of course, it is important for the teacher to double-check the marking and provide guidance as necessary.

The conversation then turns to incorporating feedback into the classroom, which can significantly reduce the teacher's workload while benefiting the students. We explore the option of using AI technology to generate resources and questions for specific topics, saving time and allowing for customization. Seeking recommendations from experienced AI users can help navigate through the various options available.

We also discuss the usefulness of tech tools like Calendly for simplifying appointment scheduling, as well as the benefits of using auto responders and email templates to streamline communication. Setting reminders and employing timetabling software can optimize time management and improve efficiency.

Another tip shared is the use of software that generates timetables for teachers and classrooms, saving time in the schedule creation process. We emphasize the importance of sharing responsibility with colleagues and dividing tasks, such as program writing, among different teachers. Collaborative work not only leads to better programs and resources but also reduces individual workloads. For primary school teachers, tasks can be divided by subject or group of subjects to ensure efficiency.

Furthermore, we explore the idea of involving students in tasks such as decorating the classroom and even marking the roll. Allowing students to contribute to the aesthetics of the classroom fosters a sense of ownership and engagement. Involving them in marking the roll also relieves the teacher of this routine task.

Overall, we highlight the benefits of outsourcing tasks in both the classroom and at home. By delegating certain responsibilities, teachers can focus more on guiding students and preparing for lessons. Similarly, parents can reclaim valuable time by training their children to take on household chores. Outsourcing tasks not only saves time but also fosters collaboration, support, and meaningful interactions.


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