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Episode 149 - 4 Ways How To Improve Your Practice Through Lesson Observation

Season #6

I shift the focus towards personal growth rather than judgement, aiming to be effective teachers who make a meaningful impact. Deliberate practice with targeted feedback is key. We identify an area to improve, invite a skilled teacher to observe, apply their suggestions, and seek feedback again. Observing colleagues and embracing resources and support are crucial. Subscribe to for valuable resources. Teaching is a journey of growth with observation and feedback at its core.


0:00:00 Introduction to the Effective Teaching Podcast with Dan

0:00:19 Overcoming the fear of lesson observation

0:01:06 Deliberate practice: specific feedback for targeted improvement

0:02:38 Steps to improve teaching: identify, observe, apply, and refine

0:08:14 The Impact of AI on Education

Long Summary

In this episode of the Effective Teaching Podcast, we delve into the process of improving teaching through lesson observation. I acknowledge that the idea of having others observe our classrooms can be intimidating, but I want to shift the focus towards personal development and growth rather than judgement. Teaching is a craft that can always be improved upon, and our goal is to be effective, high-quality teachers who make a significant impact on our students' lives.

I start off by debunking the notion that "practice makes perfect," as research shows that mindless repetition does not lead to improvement. Instead, deliberate practice is the key. Similar to practising a tennis serve, we need specific feedback from an expert coach to identify areas for improvement. Therefore, we should select one aspect of our teaching that we wish to enhance and invite a skilled teacher to observe our practice and provide targeted feedback.

To implement this process, we first identify the area we want to improve, using established teaching standards or frameworks. These frameworks are helpful in creating a checklist for improvement. Next, we ask a proficient teacher to observe us and offer suggestions on how to enhance that specific aspect. This could involve recommending books, demonstrating their own methods, or providing structured feedback techniques. We then take their suggestions, apply them in our teaching, and seek feedback once again. This iterative process allows us to continuously improve in our chosen area.


Furthermore, I encourage teachers to observe their colleagues. By observing others, we can learn new strategies and gain inspiration for our own teaching practice. Reach out to your colleagues and ask if you can observe their lessons to gather new ideas and strategies. Be systematic in working through different aspects of classroom teaching and focus on one area of improvement at a time.

I emphasise the importance of seeing observations as opportunities for growth rather than judgement. Constantly improving as a teacher and adapting to the changes in education, such as the rise of AI, is crucial. As we strive to enhance our teaching skills, it's essential to seek out resources and support. I invite listeners to subscribe to, where they can find more valuable resources and support in becoming effective teachers.

Remember, teaching is an ever-evolving journey, and by embracing observation and feedback, we can continue to grow and make a meaningful impact on our students' learning.


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