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Episode 151 - 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Up At 5 AM

Season #6

I discuss the benefits of waking up at 5am. Starting the day early allows for uninterrupted time for activities like meditation and deep work. We also explore how this routine can improve sleep quality, enhance anticipation for the day, and boost confidence. Give it a try and become a more effective teacher. Subscribe to the podcast and visit for more valuable content. Let's embark on this journey together.


0:00:00 Introduction to the Effective Teaching Podcast

0:00:19 The Benefits of Getting Up at 5am

0:01:31 Activities to Maximise Your Morning Time

0:02:27 Utilising Morning Hours for Deep Work and Planning

0:08:05 Boosting Confidence through Early Morning Achievements

0:09:33 Six Reasons Teachers Should Wake Up at 5 a.m.

Long Summary

In this episode of the Effective Teaching Podcast, we explore the advantages of waking up at 5am. Starting the day early can give you a powerful energy boost and rejuvenate your mindset. By utilising this uninterrupted time, you can engage in activities like meditation, exercise, and deep work. Engaging in deep work during the morning allows you to concentrate and become more productive throughout the day.

We also discuss the importance of using this time for personal and professional growth. Reading, studying articles, and completing courses can all be incorporated into your morning routine, allowing you to maximise your productivity and achieve success as an effective teacher.

I elaborate on six reasons why teachers should make the effort to wake up at 5am. Firstly, it kickstarts your day, providing uninterrupted time to accomplish tasks. Secondly, it improves your sleep quality as you are more likely to go to bed earlier and feel tired from the morning activities. Thirdly, it intensifies your excitement and anticipation for the day ahead. Fourthly, it eliminates the rush in the morning and allows you to plan your day more efficiently. Fifthly, rising early boosts your confidence and sets you up for success throughout the day. Lastly, dedicating this extra time to important tasks guarantees improvements in various areas of your life.

I encourage all teachers to give this routine a try and experience the benefits of starting the day at 5am. By incorporating these practices into your life, you'll not only become more effective as a teacher but also create a foundation for a successful day in all aspects of your life. Remember to subscribe to the podcast and visit for more valuable content. Let's embark on this journey of becoming effective teachers together.



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