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Episode 153 - How To Use AI Effectively With Dr. Sabba Quidwai

Season #6

We explore the integration of AI in education with Sabba, an experienced educator and AI enthusiast. Sabba highlights the importance of prioritizing human skills and pedagogy before incorporating AI tools in the classroom. She emphasizes the significance of identifying specific issues that AI can help solve and suggests utilizing AI for tasks like design thinking to promote pedagogical innovation. Sabba underscores the value of developing critical thinking skills in teachers and students when utilizing AI and encourages educators to reimagine traditional teaching methods to create an ideal learning environment with AI as a supportive tool. Finally, Sabba calls on educators to embrace change, leverage technology for enhanced teaching practices, and prioritize well-being, relationships, and innovation in the era of AI. Visit to learn more about Sabba and her insights.


0:00:00 Introduction to Effective Teaching Podcast

0:03:59 Utilising AI Tools for Effective Teaching

0:12:20 Identifying Problems Before Implementing AI

0:17:12 Leveraging AI for Student Creativity & Critical Thinking

0:20:27 Importance of Critical Thinking in AI Utilisation

0:22:19 Prioritising Personal Growth in AI Integration

Long Summary

In this episode, we dive into the world of AI and its impact on education with Saba, a seasoned teacher and AI enthusiast. Saba shares her journey from teaching history in 2007 to embracing AI tools to enhance teaching practices. She emphasises the importance of prioritising human skills and pedagogy before integrating AI into the classroom.

Saba advocates for a thoughtful approach to using AI, focusing on identifying the problems teachers want to solve before selecting AI tools. She recommends leveraging AI to streamline tasks like design thinking and lesson planning, allowing teachers to innovate their pedagogies effectively.

Furthermore, Saba highlights the necessity of developing critical thinking skills in both teachers and students when utilising AI. She encourages educators to ask meaningful questions, think outside the traditional teaching methods, and envision the ideal learning environment by utilising AI as a supportive tool rather than a replacement.

Saba emphasises the need for educators to reconnect with the outcomes they wish to achieve, embrace change, and let technology enhance their teaching practices. She invites teachers to reconsider ingrained educational practices, discover new possibilities with AI, and prioritise well-being, relationships, and innovation in the age of AI revolution. To learn more about Saba and her work, visit


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