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Episode 154 - Teaching Tips & Strategies: Eddie Woo's Guide to Teachers' Growth

Season #6

I chat with educator Eddie Wu from Wootube about his teaching journey emphasising learning from failures, observation, and reflection. We discuss challenges teachers face, self-reflection, creating a supportive environment, and the importance of continuous learning and embracing new strategies. Eddie highlights the significance of seeking feedback, collaboration, and work-life balance. Ultimately, this conversation encourages a culture of continual learning and excellence in education.


0:00:00 Introduction to Effective Teaching Podcast
0:00:18 Interview with Eddie Wu from Wootube
0:00:55 Eddie's journey into teaching
0:01:55 Falling in love with teaching
0:02:09 Early teaching experiences
0:03:40 Eddie's journey to improve as a teacher
0:09:20 Learning from failures in teaching
0:10:57 Observing other teachers in action
0:14:17 Challenges in keeping students engaged
0:14:24 Teachers' reluctance to be observed
0:15:21 Overcoming apprehension in observation
0:17:03 Eddie's fear teaching advanced mathematics
0:21:11 Establishing trust in teacher observations
0:22:55 Teaching as a craft, not just science
0:24:01 Shifting language in feedback for improvement
0:27:24 Learning and Growth
0:27:42 Exploring Professional Development Tools
0:35:57 Advice for New Teachers
0:48:39 Achieving Work-Life Balance

Long Summary

We delve into the journey of educator Eddie Wu from Wootube, known for his math tutorials on YouTube. Eddie's passion for teaching stemmed from a desire to help others learn, leading him on a path of continuous improvement. He emphasises the value of learning from failures and stresses the significance of observation and reflection in teaching practices. The discussion between Dan and Eddie explores the challenges teachers face with classroom observations and the importance of feedback and growth.

The conversation evolves to touch on the evolution of teaching practices, the role of self-reflection in professional growth, and the need for a supportive learning environment. They share insights into the inner fears and concerns of teachers, emphasising the importance of creating a culture of psychological safety for educators. The significance of continuous learning and improvement in teaching is highlighted, along with the transformative impact of self-assessment through recording classroom lessons.

Furthermore, the dialogue underscores the idea of teachers as lifelong learners, advocating for ongoing professional development, collaboration, and embracing new teaching strategies. They emphasise the value of seeking feedback, engaging with research, and learning from diverse sources to adapt to the evolving needs of students. The conversation concludes by emphasising the complexities, challenges, and rewards of teaching, highlighting the continuous quest for growth, learning, and collaboration in the pursuit of excellence in education.

We explore various ways to enhance ourselves as educators, offering advice for new teachers and experienced educators alike. The importance of seeking input from peers, experimenting with different techniques, and embracing feedback is stressed as crucial for professional growth. Addressing the issue of teacher workload, we discuss the dynamic nature of achieving work-life balance through reflection, self-assessment, and prioritising relationships amidst professional demands.

Through shared experiences, reflections, and collaborative efforts, educators can navigate the multifaceted challenges of teaching and foster a culture of continual learning within the education community. The conversation with Eddie provides valuable insights into striving towards excellence, enriching teaching practices, and positively impacting the lives of students through continuous growth and development.


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