How to live a life you love and be an effective teacher

In a single chapter from the book you will learn how to: 

  •         – identify your greater goals and missions in life
  •         – identify tasks you should prioritise to improve your impact
  •         – remove the tasks with little to no impact
  •         – have time to spend with your loved ones
  •         – leverage your capacity for deep-work, and
  •         – make deadlines work in your favour.

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This could be the beginning of having a life again.

Work Less, Teach More

Three Benefits of this Book

Take back control of your time

Learn how to take ownership of your time and align it with your values.

Focus on what really matters

Discover how to identify the high-impact tasks.

Bring balance into your life

Give yourself more time to focus on what you love doing with the people you love.

Why write this book?

Teachers around the world are overworked and underpaid. The demands on teachers continue to increase and our work hours now average over 55 hours per week. It is hard to be an effective teacher and have a life outside of school. With this book I am on a mission to help teachers take control of their time and begin to live a life they love, not burn out in the system.

Who wrote this book?

I’m Dan Jackson and have been teaching since 2006 with my most recent role was Deputy Principal. I know what it is like to be in the trenches of teaching with the ever increasing demands on our time. While teaching I have managed to establish 2 businesses and it is amazing what you learn from business that you can apply to teaching, especially when it comes to effectiveness and time management.

Who is this for

This book is designed for passionate teachers and school leaders who are working too many hours and want to be able to live a life outside of school as well as be an effective teacher.

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