Episode 100 5 Key strategies from 100 episodes of research

Season #4

Dan shares 5 key strategies teachers use to create lifelong learners. Listen and discover simple adjustments you can make to really improve your students' ability to learn. https://www.teacherspd.net/100


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Students MUST have a why?

    1. Without a why? There is no motivation, no willingness to learn.
    2. We cannot make them learn, only they can do that.

Focus on the learning, not the teaching

    1. Check for learning and build on it, don’t just teach the content and tick a box
    2. eg) have students tell you how they are going, what they know well or don’t and then help them discover what to do next.

Teach the skills for learning not the content

    1. Use the content to develop the skills
    2. Check skill development
    3. eg) always ask students what they are going to do about not knowing or being able to do something? Ask them how they are going to solve the problem. What process will they use to learn the next content? etc

Care less about assessment and results

    1. Grades are not all they are made out to be
    2. Success does not require a mark or a grade just an attitude and skill
    3. Assessment does not always show the learning. Find more ways to know what your students are capable of.
    4. eg) a student with poor writing skills may actually know how to create amazing stories, just ask them to share one about their life or something they care about with you.

The brain adapts to how it is used

    1. Students can change their intelligence
    2. They don’t have to be “dumb” or “smart”
    3. Explicitly teach students how to learn and get them to practice learning in order to develop their brain/learning power
    4. eg) explain how to read for understanding, demonstrate it for them

Bonus great reads

    1. Check out The Learning Power Approach and everything by Guy Claxton
    2. I am currently enjoying Jim Kwik Limitless Mind, motivation, method
    3. If you as a teacher need some work life balance, or just feel overworked and constantly busy, check out Work Less, Teach More.

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